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You are not lost.

Lost… I’ve been there. It’s not a nice place.

But,  it’s surprisingly hard to get lost. It’s much easier to think you’re lost when you’re not.

We mistake hardship and uncertainty for being lost.

But hardship and uncertainty are part of the journey. They always have been. Learn to get comfortable with discomfort.

You’re not lost, just because the road ahead isn’t easy. Maybe you expected it to be easy, but that’s not the road’s fault.

You’re not lost, just because the future is scary or uncertain. It’s always been that way. Your job is to  keep going anyway.

The best places are hard to get to. The best of us get there anyway.

The best of us do whatever it takes.

If you want something, this is your eternal to-do list: do whatever it takes, and never ever give up.


I’ll see you on the mountaintop.

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